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Upcoming Screenings

The most unusual screening in Los Angeles is back!

Underground cinema is the mad scientist's lab that keeps film alive. It is a world of strange concoctions, mutations and wondrous discoveries and the boldest of these experiments come in the form of groundbreaking short films. Each year Take Your Medicine and Smile Productions collects the best of these films and combines them to create a unique entertainment experience where audiences can discover the boldest cinematic voices. That experience is called The New Film Underground and this is it's tenth mind-altering showcase.

This screening features a lovingly curated collection of eleven visionary short films that are surreal, abstract or bizarre, creating an emotional journey that is alternately funny, eerie, and soulful. It is also a friendly environment where you can meet the filmmakers behind these works as well as other lovers of unusual cinema. So come to Sherman Oaks and meet the next David Lynch or Maya Deren. We promise you will see nothing normal.

The New Film Underground Volume 10

March 23 8pm @ KAW Theatre

14366 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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