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Wild, weird and experimental shorts from the L.A. New Wave
screening Nov. 12th

In the dark shadow of Hollywood, new filmmakers are rejecting conventional storytelling and high production costs in favor of creating bizarre, experimental, and personal films using the wide range of technology now available to non-wealthy artists. Instead of two hour epics, they make blasts of emotion sometimes no longer than a pop song. In their work is not just a commitment to invention, but also having fun. Take Your Medicine and Smile Productions has been collecting these works and is excited to share some of the best in this fifth mind-melting showcase. Come discover the next David Lynch or Maya Deren. Don't worry,  you will not see anything normal here.

November 12th

Art Share LA

801 E. 4th Pl

Los Angeles, CA 90013


Doors open 7:45pm

Screening 8pm

$8 Admission

Tickets ONLINE or at the door

Warning: Some films contain violence